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db net solutions was established in the early 2000s following the initial dot-com boom when many businesses had yet to get online but were keen to do so. While not insurmountable, establishing a web presence was much harder, particularly when it came to dynamic data-driven and e-commerce solutions. WordPress was just getting started and was not the platform it is today, and many others would not exist for years to come.

Today, there exists a plethora of online cloud-based service offerings, from simple websites to trading platforms. While the world has become much simpler to get started, the bewildering array of services can lead to “choice overload” and “decision paralysis” for the non-initiated. Even though many can get started, getting the right service(s) is one thing; using them effectively is another, especially when it comes to more complex operations.

In other cases, organizations may want to remain platform-independent or neutral so they are not locked in and can move around. Alternatively, they may have a specific focus on website performance, accessibility, or privacy that cannot be achieved to the same extent with “off-the-shelf offerings.” This can require a different set of skills and resources.

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Even once established, making the most of your online presence, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while not rocket science takes time and knowledge. Whether it is content building, XML Sitemaps, link building, or paid advertising, knowing where to start and make the most of it can be a challenge and time consuming.

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If you have a particular need within your team please feel free to reach out and discuss your requirements. Support can be provided in a number of areas including :

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  • Input to bid development
  • Project / product delivery

Flexible arrangements to meet your specific needs. Choose from single-day(s), block draw down arrangements, or regular monthly commitment.

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