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Small Business IT is an orchestra of digital elements – from crafting websites, software and email servers, to networking and firewalls, and storage. Selecting the right technologies and deploying and/or migrating needs careful coordination to ensure a harmonious and smooth operation.

On top of this businesses need to safeguard against potential downtime, and failures, while ensuring in the event of a unforeseen disaster they can continue to operate and recover quickly.

Many businesses today still do not have robust backup and recovery strategy. If you do one thing today, check you have a 3-2-1 backup strategy, and importantly, it works and you can recover from it.

While doing less hands on installations in recent years, when managing and coordinating it remains useful to be handy to be confident with confident with manual maintenance work for those odd jobs that require it.

Example projects and experience

Over 20 years of being in and around Information Technology and exposure to everything from email and networks to servers and CCTV systems, including working in sensitive and mission critical areas :

  • Various small business local network install and setups
  • Microsoft Exchange migration and consolidation
  • Migration of NHS Screening Programme business unit, hosted at the University of Manchester to the Royal Free Hospital London
  • Rollout of mail within the business unit
  • Further migration from Royal Free London to the HPA (Health Protection Agency)

Do you need support?

If you have a particular need within your team please feel free to reach out and discuss your requirements. Support can be provided in a number of areas including :

  • Shaping, strategy, plans and business development
  • Guidance and advice for project/product development
  • Input to bid development
  • Project / product delivery

Flexible arrangements to meet your specific needs. Choose from single-day(s), block draw down arrangements, or regular monthly commitment.

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