Free website design!


It may sound too good to be true but we're offering free and reduced website design to UK registered charities and associated fund raising events.

Whether you are looking for a simple website or a more complex solution to either promote or manage your charity or associated event we can help you.

Simple website designs

We offer simple website designs for free.

Typically 4 or 5 pages with some basic graphics and images.

You simply cover the cost of your domain name and basic web hosting.

More complex solutions

We consider larger websites and data driven solutions on a case by case basis.

Further enquiries and information

To discuss your project in more detail please contact us.


This offer is only available to UK registered charities and associated events.

We aim to help as many organizations and events as possible however due to time and cost considerations we reserve the the right to consider each project on a case by case basis and decline free or reduced rate services.

Where we incur external costs such as domain name registration and hosting costs we will usually ask your organization to cover these however in most cases they are minimal.