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Yahoo sitemaps have a number of benefits but essentially they are the same as Google sitemaps and allow you to tell Yahoo about the files in your website and improve their visibility.

Below you can find some basic information about Yahoo sitemaps.

Yahoo sitemap benefits?

Yahoo sitemaps depending on their format include the benefits of Google sitemap's.

  • Help improve your search engine ranking and url visibility.
  • Ensure Yahoo is aware of all your pages
  • Tell Yahoo more about the nature of your pages.

Yahoo sitemap formats.

G-Mapper supports all three formats of yahoo sitemap :

  • Text file url list
    A simple text file containing a list of pages in your site.
  • RSS Feed
    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is an XML file similar to a Google Sitemap.
  • Atom 1.0 feed
    Similar to an RSS feed.

What Yahoo sitemaps contains

The text file Url list only includes the page Url

RSS and Atom feeds both contain the following information

  • Site name
  • Site description
  • Page url
  • Url title
  • Url description
  • When the Url was last updated

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