Specifying your website design

Specifying your website design is easy. Below we have given some useful pointers to help you tell us about the site you want.

Choosing pages

You need to decide on what pages you want on your site. A typical small site would be as follows :

  • Homepage
    Brand name, slogan, introductory text, etc
  • About us
    Brief intro to your company, a bit of history, the people, etc
  • Products / services
    Details of what it is you offer or do and specific products or services and prices
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Questions people often ask you with their answers
  • Contact information
    A simple summary of how to contact you.

Obviously this can be tailor to your specific needs and it is up to you to decide how you want to structure your site and use your pages.

Page content

Once you've decided on your pages you need to think about the textual content for the pages. We ask that you supply your information using a standard text file format such as Microsoft Word, Windows WordPad or Notepad.

If you already have information leaflets such as brochures and fliers it is helpful if you can send us an electronic copy of these.

Colours, graphics and images

If you already have a logo, graphics, images and photos that you will need to supply us with them. We accept most formats of images.

You may also already have a corporate image and colour scheme again you will need to supply us with this information.

Site layout

You'll notice when browsing the internet that most sites have similar navigation structures, some use vertical side menus others use horizontal header menus and variations on this. You need to decide what layout style you want for your site.

The below graphic illustrates common layouts :

layout example

The main content areas are often divided up into various columns, these can be used for adverts, sub menus, promotions, etc

Tell us about the websites you like

We can often get a lot of insight in to what you want by looking at the type of websites you like.

Point us to some of your favorites and tell us what it is you like about them, for example, the colours, layout, areas of functionality, etc. and we'll use it to build up a picture of what you want.

Don't forget to tell us about your own site if you already have one!

What next?

Add all your files and information into a zip / compressed file and contact us by email. If you have any problems or queries about supplying the information please feel free to contact us for guidance.