HW Audio Karaoke Song Database

HW Music Mega Store is the UK's largest independent music retailer specialising in musical instruments, karaoke, sound and lighting.

With 1000's of karaoke discs and 10,000's tracks HW needed an effective way to manage their data and assist with day to day tasks such as searching for songs, creating song books and publishing to their website.

db net solutions developed the Karaoke Song Database using an MSDE database (A freely available desktop version of SLQ Server) and a software front end developed in Visual Basic.

Karaoke database

The main listings screen

Gives a master detail view of disc details and allows users to perform quick search's, sorts and build up a list of disc tracks.

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Karaoke Database

Disc editor screen

The disc editor screen allows adding / editing of disc and track details.

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Karaoke Song Database features

Some the Karaoke Song Database include :

  • Built on a powerful Microsoft SQL server database platform to handle hundreds of thousands of Karaoke songs quickly and efficiently with open ended access to the data.
  • Network ready to allow unlimited users to access the system at once.
  • Save disc details including genres, brand, format, price, images, description, track details and more.
  • Quick lookup to find discs by artist, title, code, genre and advanced lookup to build more complex searches.
  • Quick sort on column header and advanced sort option to sort by multiple columns.
  • Double click to add a disc to a list or use quick add to add discs to a list in bulk.
  • Save song lists as books for customer or personal use.
  • Manage discs and songs removing duplicates and fixing data continuity errors.
  • Print books in a variety of sort orders.
  • Import disc details using standard CSV files easily generated by the likes of Microsft Access and Excel.

If you would like further information on this solution or would like to enquire about your own please contact us.