Affordable eCommerce Website Design

We've always prided ourselves on being able to deliver affordable website design to all and we don't stop there. We're confident we can offer extremely competitive prices on eCommerce and eBusiness solutions as well!

If you would more information on other types of solution please visit our solutions page

Individual design

We'll take any existing artwork, corporate color schemes, brands, etc, and style them into your own unique brand of website.

If you haven't yet established a brand, logo or color scheme don't worry, we can work with you to help come up with a brand for your website.

Database integration

Data and databases are an important factor in any business. Effective data management can really empower your business giving you the edge over competitors, improving efficiency, reducing costs and increasing revenues.

We can take any existing database and migrate it to the internet and integrate it into your website allowing both you and your customers to have access.

If you don't already have a suitable data source don't worry, we can help you put one together.

Shopping basket and payment

We'll develop a shopping basket solution to meet your specific ordering, payment, shipping and design requirements. Whether you require single product purchase with an email order or multiple product purchases with real time credit card processing we can help.

  • Customer shopping basket
  • Customer login / registration
  • Submission to payment gateway
  • Payment processing / order completion

Popular payment gateways include PayPal a free payment gateway and WorldPay a paid but more professional payment processing solution. Whatever payment gateway you choose we can integrate it into your site.

eBusiness functionality

Some sites require additional functionality to the usual shopping basket or have nothing to do with shopping at all. Whether you need an advanced shopping website or a website application to manage your business operations we can develop a solution to meet your needs.

Search engine optimization and submission

For your website to be successful it needs to be optimized and submitted to search engines.

We develop sites to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) specifications because standards-compliant and semantically correct websites rate higher in search engines like Google.

We will also work with you to understand your website and it's potential visitors to tune the site and then submit it to the popular search engines and give you practical hints on how to further improve the popularity and success of your website.

Setup and configuration

For most simple website's we usually recommend you use Fasthost's Windows Standard hosting plan to host your website which costs £3.99 a month or £43.89 a year (20th Nov 05).

Your website will come fully setup and configured. We can setup your domains, email boxes, aliases, redirects and offer practical advice and support with any issues you may have.

We'll give you all the advice and support to fully empower you to maintain your own website including templates and software.

On going maintenance and support

Wherever reasonable we offer free ongoing support and advice.

As well as this we offer maintenance and update services at very reasonable prices. To find out more about these services please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Further enquiries

If you are not sure what your requirements are or would like further information or a quote you please contact us.