How to make money from your website

There are plenty of claims of easy money and get rich schemes on the internet and it's pretty obvious most of them are not true. However there are effective ways to increase the revenues you earn from your website whether you are an online retailer or information site.

Towards the end of 2005 we moved our advertising to Google Adwords and signed up with Google AdSense and so we thought we'd share our success.

Pay per click advertising

Larger sites with high volumes of traffic often set up schemes to sell advertising on their site. This is usually sold per click or sometimes by the number of impressions. However to do this is often complicated and requires considerable effort on your part. As well as this there have been schemes around for some time where you can earn money through third party targeted advertising however there are many to choose from and success can be variable.

So how do you choose which scheme you sign up with to make money from your website? Well we recommend Google AdSense....

We use Google AdWords to display our own targeted ads on Google and its search and content network, Google then charges us per click. People subscribed to the content network called AdSense can then receive a percentage for the number of clicks they generate.

What are the benefits of Google AdSense?

With Google Adsense it's really quick and easy to make money from your website. Below are some of the key benefits.

  • Quick and easy to setup.
  • Automatically targets ads.
  • Customizable look.
  • Filter out competitor ads.
  • Copy and paste code.
  • Enhances your content.

The key to success

The key to success isn't complicated, it's all about quality targeted traffic.

You need to build a target audience, promote your website and bring in visitors who will then click on the ads to make you money. New webmasters and website owners will find our introduction to search engine optimization useful to get them started.

The other key factor is ad placement. Adverts should be highly visible, in the main content and towards the top of the page.

How much will I make?

The amount of money you'll make from your website is mostly down to the size and popularity of your website. If you are driving quality traffic to your website the chances are your visitors are going to click on the adverts and therefore earn you money.

Here at db net solutions we won't be retiring just yet but we're certainly making enough money from our adverts to cover the cost of our AdWords campaigns. We hope with time this success will grow and we will make a healthy profit from our website.


Target advertising used to be fairly difficult and not particularly cost effective however in light of recent major providers bringing the likes of AdSense to the market the opportunity to make money from your website just got easier.

Useful links

  • Sign up to Google AdSense to enhance your content and bring in extra revenue.

Useful links

Useful links