Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting is the ultimate in web hosting offering the most power, features and scalability. What's more it has become far more affordable with prices from well under £100 a month.

In this article we'll discuss the pros and cons of dedicated web hosting and how it could work for you and your business.

What is dedicated web hosting?

Unlike shared web hosting dedicated web hosting means that the server is dedicated to serving your website and no one else's. You can configure and use the server to meet your specific business requirements.

What are the advantages of dedicated web hosting?

There are many reasons businesses opt for dedicated web hosting here are some of the key points :

  • Affordability to suite most small to medium businesses.
  • Dedicated hardware fully configurable to meet your specific needs.
  • Setup and configure multiple sites and databases with minimal to no extra costs.
  • Scalable by adding more memory, disks, CPU's or even servers to meet your business demands.
  • Hosted in a secure data center rather than your own infrastructure.
  • Affordable and scalable bandwidth options.
  • Some have easy to use online control panels to manage core aspects of your service.
  • Basic maintenance and security usually managed by hosting provider.
  • Fully managed plans take away some of the responsibility to do with security and backup.

What are the disadvantages of shared hosting?

Some of the disadvantages can be cost orientated however we often find the cost is outweighed by the benefits and requirements of your business.
  • Costly compared to shared web hosting
  • Configuration of server is often more complex and can require a professional.
  • Should you need an engineer the cost of the hosting providers engineer can be phenomenal!
  • Depending on the level of service and type of plan you sign up for you may need to take on more responsibility for issues such as security and backup.

So who should I choose?

Here at db net solutions we are hosted by Fasthosts Ltd one of the UK's leading providers. We recommend Fasthosts for most of our customers as they offer a excellent level of service and features for the price with a good level of reliability and their dedicated web plans are highly affordable.

For more advanced dedicated web hosting such as multiple server setups, configurable firewall's, etc. we recommend you take a look at Rackspace Managed hosting. Rackspace are considerably more costly than the likes of fasthosts but if your solution is mission critical and demands the type of power, service and reliability they offer you probably can't afford to have it hosted anywhere else!

As part of our service we will ensure that your hosting provider meets all your needs and offer a free consultation and setup as part of the development process. Once you are setup we will then manage your hosting service to the level you require at no or minimal cost depending on the level of support you require.


Dedicated hosting is a big step from shared hosting for a lot of small businesses and yet taking that step can open up doors new to performance, configurability and development probabilities. Why not contact us to help you move forward.

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  • Rackspace Managed Hosting
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Useful links

Useful links